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Danfoss Industrial Temperature Sensors
Danfoss Industrial Temperature Sensors

Dawat Marine is one of the leading supplier of the Industrial Temperature Sensors. The Industrial Temperature Sensors use in many industrial operations hence the correct measurement is a essential. Non-accurate temperatures can cause big fatal consequences such as diminishing the lifetime of your instruments if overheated with just a few degrees. We have wide rage of Danfoss Industrial Temperature Sensors for different type of industrial use

Difference Series Of  Danfoss Industrial Temperature Sensors

MBT 5250

MBT 5262

MBT 5260

MBT 5310

MBT 5560

MBT 5722

MBT 9110

MBT 153

MBT 3250

MBT 3252

MBT 3270

MBT 3560

We serve our customer by providing a good quality product and durable range of products in different parts of the world. We mainly acquire these products from Reputed Manufactures And Traders in the Country.

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